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Friday, October 14, 2011


hari demi hari berlalu , tanpa disedari sudah sebulan kami bersama  ♥
biey , i loveyou damn much  ♥ only you in my heart :) wanna you always beside me ..
please forgive me for all my mistake . biey , please  . Don't ever leave me alone . i can't breath without you :)
you're my soul  ♥  i really wanna be ur wife . but not now lah # sambil gelak mengekek ngekek :p Hahaha, oppss !
biey , i crazy because of you . A day didn't hear your voice , A day didn't see your face , my life is empty !
biey , i try the best to be your girlfiee . i wanna make you happy with me . but , i realized ! I always make you sad . I know you are disappointed with my behavior . I trying to change it . Please give me time . Don't try find other girl before i successful to change myself. I don't want you feel regret choosing me BUT
I wanna you to proud have a girlfiee like me . Hihi :D
biey , can i ask you something ? err..
Do you love me ?
Do you care about me ?
Do you feel sad if something happen to me ?
Do you willing to do anything for me ?
Do you faithful with me ?
Am i important to you ?
Hmm , honestly to answer it yeah sayangg :)
For a month be your girlfiee , i'm so Happy dear . My life was cheerful ! Remember that , i wanna you only in my life ! although we're apart , i always think about you . I hope , you also feel like this . Thanks sayang , a nice treat to me . I appriciate it 
I don't know why i speaking here , am i gedik gedik ? Hahaha , what i say here , it is sincere from my heart biey .
I hope , your love to me never change ♥ 
at the last , I LOVE YOU HAMDI AZREE :)

pakai bantai ja spekang spekang ni. Heeee . kbaii :)



Anonymous said...

Manis nyeee . hihi

Dah join GA sy ?
Klu beLum jumm Laaa joinn !
Ade hadiahh :D

zackfahmie said...

hye.. tak kan x ada idea dah nak tulis kat blog nie.. sunyi jeee...

Sergey Popov said...

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